So, what is copywriting?

Or more specifically, what does copywriting do for you business?

Copywriting, of all types of writing, is an objective-driven branding tool. Harnessed together with design, it is an “invisible salesman” that can help you in building your brand trustworthiness, collecting leads, and even generating conversions.

To produce drool-worthy, effective copy, our copywriters always make a point of adopt 5Ps approach:

Step 1 : Product Knowledge
Step 2 : Promise
Step 3 : Picture
Step 4 : Problem Solving
Step 5 : Push

Most importantly, your expectation and objective are what steer the direction of our copywriting. Why not share with us about your objective here to get our consultation and services attuned to your needs?

Copywriting for Online Media

Website Copywriting & Content Creation started out as a freelance digital advertising service provider . Hence, itis our flagship service where we are the experts in online and internet advertising as well as any other media that adopts digital technology. Over the years, we have incorporated our expertise in all these areas. Our copywriters have produced award-winning contents for our partners’ websites which have garnered optimum search results around the world.

Landing Page Copywriting

A single web page, used to collect leads. Also known as a squeeze page to get visitors to opt-in for a free report, an ebook and many more.

Email Copywriting

A one-off broadcast or email series to nurture the relationship between you and your subscribers.

Product / Service Description Copy

A power-packed writing with distinctive, compelling and unique copy to establish your trust and authority especially for e-commerce websites.

Copywriting for Offline Media

Above-the-line Copywriting

As part of our expansion plans, has evolved tremendously where we have now integrated above-the-line advertising services into our repertoire. Through these offerings, we are able to provide copywriting services that include conceptualizing, designing and implementing of highly effective copies into your advertising campaigns in above-the-line media like scripts for radio, text for newspapersand publications as well as content for television and other mass media.

Below-the-line Copywriting

Apart from above-the-line, includes a wide range of copywriting services in below-the-line areas. This is where we have acquired our very own affordable and high quality printing equipment. Coupled with our highly capable team of copywriters, we can help you to design the best copies in producing the best and impactful brochures, flyers and banners for use in your advertising and marketing campaigns.