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Comma Rules_How To Use Comma Correctly

16 Do’s & Don’ts About Using Comma

We may be very familiar with the usage of common punctuation, especially comma. But often we tend to misplace it without realizing, as our eyes […]
Best Self Improvement Article Roundup_Oct 2015

Top Self-Improvement Article Roundup (Oct 2015)

  Dear readers, self-improvement is a long distance running, don’t you think? There will be times when we might lose sight of our goal or […]

5 Self-Taught Ways To Stack Up Your Confidence & Charisma

Since young, most of us are idolize superhero. Strength. Super power. And confidence.   Likewise, confident people, who come from all walks of life, appear […]

Inspirational Story: Be A Lake, Not A Glass

It was a troubled, young man sitting by a lake. He stared motionlessly at the ripples of the surface, in hope of finding a solution […]

Top 12 English Grammar Common Mistakes (Confusing Words)

English is such a beautiful, yet so confusing language to pick up, agree? I know it. Despite how much we may understand English grammar rules, […]